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Screen shots from "7th Graders and Pursuit of Happiness." Professor Sandra Enos stands in front of a gallery of art by Rhode Island children, and several 7th graders are shown interacting at school and engaging with activities that they enjoy.

Screenshots from "The Other Side," a short comparing a public and private high school in Rhode Island. Private high school students are asked, "What have you heard about public school kids?" A public school student muses about what she would changeā€¦

Screenshots from "What Would Roger Do? Faith and Values in the Ocean State."

Screenshots from the Everyday Happiness short "Stories from Stone: Africans in Colonial Rhode Island." Keith Stokes points out a headstone for an early slave from Rhode Island.

A Lively Experiment Clip 1.mp4
A clip depicting a reenactment of Roger Williams as president of Rhode Island colony.

Almost Dope Poster.png
A poster advertising the film Almost Dope, part of the Rhode Island Hip Hop Project.

An oversized postcard/flyer advertising the exhibit "Walls of Heritage, Walls of Pride," part of the project "The Pursuit of Happiness: African American Murals."

The cover of a booklet for the Everett Dance Theatre's 20th anniversary season, as well as an interior page with the performance "I Never Liked Sad Stories" highlighted.

A newspaper article interview of filmmaker Lisa Delmonico, about her experience filming the TV series "Everyday Happiness."

A postcard announcing the first two episodes of the 6-part series "Everyday Happiness."
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