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How to Use this Digital Library

There are few ways to explore the library: through exhibits, items, collections and the search feature located at the top of each page.


By viewing the exhibits, you can read about the Council's impact and involvement through themes. In each exhibit, there are representative items from past grant projects. You can click any item in an exhibit and view that item in more detail. On an item page, more can be learned about the object through its metadata.


Subject terms
When visiting an item, you can view specific data about that item including a short description, the creator, and any contributors related to the creation of the item. You can further explore themes by clicking on the subject terms. For instance, if you are viewing the flyer for Kerosene Lamp Church and would like to see other items related to religious communities, you can click "Religion" in the subject field. A list of all items tagged with that term will return.

Also while visiting a particular object, you can view all the other objects from the same geographical area. For instance, if you are viewing the photographs from the Spectacle of Music, and are interested in seeing more items that involve Newport, you can click "Newport, Rhode Island." A list of all digital library items that are from or about Newport will display.


The collections represent grant projects. Within a collection, items such as invitations, reports, photographs, media clips, and promotional materials associated with the grant have been digitized. Keep in mind that these items are not a comprehensive portrait of the total project, but rather are what the Council has collected in the archive.

There are two ways to view all the items that comprise a collection. One is to visit a collection from the collections tab on the upper navigation bar on every page. Locate the collection you are interested in and click the title to see all of its associated items.

From an item's page, you can see all other items aasociated with a collection by clicking the collections link.

Searching the Library

The most direct way to explore the digital library is by using the search box on the top of each page. You can enter any term in the digital library, such as part of an item title, a subject term, or a name - virtually every word in the digital library is searchable using this text box.

If you would like to be a little more focused in your searching, use the Advanced Search tool, which will allow you to search for specific terms in specific fields.