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Cape Verdean Video Archive

Funds supported the creation of a series of videos documenting Cape Verdean American life. This project aimed to increase awareness and provide in…

Kerosene Lamp Church


A slide show talk on the collaboration of Central Congregational Church with ex-whaler immigrant Cape Verdean Manuel Ricardo Martin in establishing…

The Progress of Religious Freedom in 17th and 18th Century Newport


Funds support a public lecture on the progress of religious freedom in 17th and 18th century Newport.

The Bloody Tenet of Persecution for Cause of Conscience

bloudy tenet program.png

Funds support a theatrical production exploring themes of freedom of religious conscience, separation of church and state, and the democratic…

God and Government: On the Appropriate Role Between Religious Beliefs and Public Policy


Funds support a panel discussion at Bryant University bringing together experts from the fields of philosophy, journalism, religious studies, history…

Masters of the Craft: Gallery of Memory


Funds support the installation of “Masters of the Craft: Gallery of Memory (Photo Exhibit)” at the Gallery at City Hall commemorating the 80th…

I WAS THERE: Stories of Immigration, School Days and Neighborhood Life


Funds support the implementation of an oral history-based, intergenerational theater project that aims to bridge and strengthen community ties in…

By the Sweat of Our Brow


Funds support research and the collection of oral histories of retired longshoremen of the International Longshoremen’s Association Local #1329. One…

The Island Connection: Cape Verde/Rhode Island


Funds support an exhibit and public discussion at the John Hunt House Museum exploring challenges of documenting and preserving the cultural…

Some Kind of Funny Porto Rican


Funds support a documentary film that chronicles the largely unknown and undocumented place of Cape Verdeans within America's cultural, ethnic and…