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Many individuals contributed to the creation of the Council's Digital Library. 

The 40th Anniversary Archive project was directed by Elizabeth Francis, Executive Director of the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities. The "RICH 40th Anniversary" exhibit was developed from a signature essay celebrating the Council's 40th Anniversary by Nancy Austin, PhD. The original digitization of archival items and creation of this Omeka site was carried out by Stacie M. Parillo. Additional support was provided by members of the Council's staff in 2014: SueEllen Kroll, Carole Ann Penney, and Persephone Allen.

The "People of Rhode Island: A Media Collection" exhibit was developed by Allie Williams as part of their media archive internship at the Council during the spring of 2019. Logan Hinderliter supervised Allie's work and served as an editor of the exhibit, its collections, and items.

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