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About this digital library

This Special Anniversary Edition of the RICH Digital Library was built using Omeka, an online presentation tool. We invite you to browse the grant products, called Items, as well as the grant projects, called Collections. Within a collection, items such as invitations, reports, photographs, media clips, and promotional materials associated with the grant have been digitized. These items are not a comprehensive portrait of the total project.

These items are located in the Council's physical archives in our offices on Washington Street and were digitized–most for the very first time - and then uploaded into the digital library.

Omeka uses the Dublin Core metadata standard, which is visible on each item's page in the library. Metadata standardizes descriptive terms and enables items to be easily found, searched, and sorted.

The Anniversary Exhibit pages synthesize and discuss themes represented in the library. These essays are a way to connect RICH-funded projects and start conversations on the impact of the humanities in the Ocean State.

This Special Anniversary Edition of the Council's Digital Library is itself an experiment - a pilot for how the Council can develop and provide unprecedented access to the many remarkable projects we have supported over 40 years. We invite your feedback on this initiative.